Laporta vs Koeman: Civil War that broke Barcelona

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Laporta vs Koeman: Civil War that broke Barcelona, ​​not losing money. Without money but still have class It’s hard for anyone to look down on you and easily defeat you… The Barcelona story should be the same with the current situation.  

Despite the financial crisis will shrink cattle him to play much. But they were a former team that ufabet clubs around the world don’t want to meet. not far back This is a club that can beat every team in the world. 

However, having done it , Barcelona has nothing left to be formidable. And this is not just about money. But it is an internal problem between the club’s head coach Ronald Koeman and the new chairman Joan Laporta. 

How is the story? Follow at the Main Stand.

The backup is always wrong. 

Everyone knows that Barcelona’s problems stem from almost every mismanagement issue. Since the era of former chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu, and the tumultuous time Bartomeu was with the team, it was at the same time that former chairman Joan Laporta lobbied the base. The voices of the members who voted for the club president. in the new elections in 2020 

by that time There is a lot of information that is reported by many media outlets. On what La Porta plans to do if elected and one of them is “Change coach” to suit the conditions of the team at that time