“Ghana League footballers” hope to stop the lock effect. In the end, he was charged with falling down the ball himself

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Ghana League The Ghanaian scores two own goals, hoping to stop the ball falling. Finally, that is charge with falling off the ball. Along with 17 other players,

perhaps good will turn into evil. Just like Hasmin Musah, a Ghanaian footballer. who scored 2 own goals, claiming to prevent locking the result of the match It turns out that the NYPD had the ball so it was

a 24-year-old punched his own net in Game 2 of the Inter-Allied Gold Ashanti defeated Ghana 0-7 in the Premier League by. News has told reporters that. He did so with the intention of halting the 5-1 lockdown that he believe is pre-prepare. Musah was place among 18 players. Including six officials from both clubs, charged with knocking down the ball.

Musah told Ghanaian media after the match: “I heard in our hotel. Having bet on the score of 5-1 against my club Inter Allies, I decided to break the bet. Because I can’t accept gambling after the game, the team’s technical team still compliments me for doing that.”

by Musah, who must file a defense by Friday may be ban from football games as a result of the allegations. He is one of three Inter Allis players charge. With the other 15 from four-time Ghana champions Ashanti Gold facing similar disciplinary cases

Lys, manager and club officials have also been charge. Like chairman and CEO Ashanti Gold, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) will decide the case after seeking clarification from the defense. All of which are expect by Monday, September 27.

Kwagu Frimpong

Kwagu Frimpong, chairman of Ashanti Gold, told BBC Sport Africa: “We didn’t do anything bad. Because we always win 4-0, 5-0 or 5-4, we scored five of them and their defender (Mouzah) scored two own goals, I think they did. Blame the man who scored his own goal. Because it has never happened before.”

“Then why blame Ashanti Gold? This is envy They want to destroy my reputation. I didn’t talk to the club president or anyone anywhere. We didn’t do anything.”

In 2018, an investigative documentary by undercover journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas revealed the kick-off behavior of top officials and referees in Ghana. And now the problem is back again.

“Our football was attacked by an anonymous coward,” said Okracu, the head of the Sports Association Ghana Football (GFA) said last month. “It is the responsibility of me and the board of directors to defend patriotism. everyone who participated (to lock the outcomes related to bets) will have to face it.”